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The legacy of Michael Jackson never ends through his memorial service that had happen in the Staples Center. Family, friends and fans went to witness a last look at the King of Pop and able to give their sympathy. Goodbye is not the right word to say but long live Michael Jackson. The crowd have spoken that Michael Jackson loved and be loved by his fans. Through the memorial service many friends and supporter had contributed from the songs and inspiring words that had been told and said about the King of Pop. He is really an icon from most fans and friends. There are many more things that Michael Jackson could give and contribute to the music industry.

A title of a song of Michael Jackson “Gone too soon”, this would most individual say. The person closest to the heart of Michael Jackson saw the agony and the pain that not only they mourn but his fan that really love and admire his creation and contribution through music. Motown founder Berry Gordy had pronounced that Michael Jackson is not just a King of Pop but “the greatest entertainer who ever lived”. Rev. Al Sharpton had imposed a church-like sermon that he shows an uplift image of Michael Jackson as a person towards those tabloid headlines. Rev Sharpton heartedly looks at Jackson’s children and said: “Your daddy wasn’t strange --- what he had to deal is strange.”
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