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Eyes on Golden Boy with Angelo Dundee
10:35 PM | Author: admin
The big fight has finally approaching. With the promoter Bob Arum of the Top Rank Boxing and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer undoubtedly did their best to promote and put to history to capitalize the fight on American symbolic venues- the Statue of Liberty in New York, Sears town in Chicago. The Alamo in San Antonio and the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Posing infront of the Statue of Liberty and placing the pedestal with the New York skyline behind them.

Now we can see the new Golden Boy as he inked famed trainer Angelo Dundee as a special consultant for Oscar’s December 6 mega-money showdown against the pound-for-pound champion Many Pacquiao. With Dundee, who most famously was corner man for Ali and Leonard, will support and be on the side of Oscar and head trainer Nacho Beristian in their attempt to counter the attack of Pacquiao's speed. Dundee, fundamentally, will serve as an extra set of eyes, and let Oscar and Nacho know what he's thinking. With Angelo Dundee still sharp on the boxing ring approach someone as important and intelligent in your corner with an 87 year old man. He still feared with those trainers over him on what he could do to the game.

So Manny Pacquiao should watch over the new Oscar “Golden Boy” Dela Hoya, with Dundee on his side even in a small role this is a much more than a gift to be given and the most important fight for him in this era.

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Self-restrain to those credit cards
6:48 PM | Author: admin

One of the easiest ways that can happen in life is the soaring high of a large credit card debt. For whatever reason, making purchases with credit cards seems easier than spending cash to obtain a product or service with no hassle at all. Make yourself so vigorous on your spending those cards that you have. This is not the life you want to be on debt.

Maintaining sky-scraping levels of credit card debt is not practical. The interest rates associated with most credit cards is high. In fact, many people have managed to rack their card balances up so high that only the minimum payment is made each month. As a result, these people are takes long for a year most or if not decades to pay down their credit card balances, all the while wasting an incredible sum of money in interest payments alone.
Credit card companies are much more competitive and as such there are some very good 0% balance transfers and purchase offers available. Look to take advantage of these to make productivity rate of their company, but make sure you have a plan in place on how to deal with the balance when the offer finishes. Remember that the debt has not left away.
Of course, it is easy to say the words "self-control". Many people leave the payment of their credit card accounts at the end of the monthly bill to be paid. With those rent, electricity, phone, and others give the most of it in taking higher priority over credit card bills. But, most of the time a person will spend money on subsidiary purchases before taking on credit card balances. In the end, the credit card account may not be paid on at all or, if so, after the deadline.
By ensuring that at least a base payment is made on credit card accounts each and every month, accelerated interest rates and late fee penalties will be avoided. So be wiser in spending and don’t let your credit card take over you. Make yourself more practical and learn how to value money in the long run.

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Choosing for your children’s games are not quite easy. Age cluster gives a big factor in game selection. Many sites offer free games. Through typing "free online games for all ages from those young ones to the teens, into your favorite search engine you will find many sites that offer free games. Most free game sites offer a wide selection. Most free game sites display ads to pay for the hosting and game creation.

With those parents that are seeking for their toddlers look for colorful games full of sound and motion. For example you could find a game with a fury creature. This is a immense way to teach your child how to use a computer and to learn.

Younger preteens, 8 or 9, are looking for light strategy with lots of colors and motion and having different interests based on age. Think of sonic the hedgehog as a good example of a colorful strategy game. Math games are great for this age group. As your preteen gets older they will be looking for more action and more challenging strategy. You will find your preteen playing less at games based on cartoons and more games based on movies and racing games can be one.

And for those teens these are commonly the targeted audiences for game developers. Those teens may look for role playing games offering high degrees of strategy or may be looking to play war games and finding fewer teens on playing racing games.

As a parent let them know their priority in their gaming habits and guide them what is best for them.

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Hurting inside through infidelity
5:24 PM | Author: admin

With the changes through time, now cheating becomes more common and this is one popular reason for divorce or break-up relationships. There are many reasons why people cheat on their spouses or partners, but not reasonable behavior. There will always be speculations towards your relationship because of some reasons to give attention of.

One of the first thing happen if your spouse or partner having a change in their habit, this happen when your partner up and out of the house earlier in the morning and sometime going home late in the evening and gives many reason why he/she comes late at home.

Being secretive towards his/her actions on some events can be another sign that your partner is being unfaithful. Have the guts to hesitate to tell you who they are in the phone when you ask this could be a ground on hiding something that he/she don’t want you to know. With how long he/she will be gone will be one sign of speculations towards him/her.

The other is when he/she have sudden disinterest with his/her family. They may not want to interact with your children or you as a partner that he/she never done it before. This could be noticeable in events like sitting down having a conversation or taking your dinner with your family table in enjoying your meal, taking vacations, or attending family dinners. Refusing to go along, or going and looking bored the entire time, this shows that they had rather be spending time with some else.

Some are with those phone calls or sms messages that they are receiving. Specially when someone or he/she calls them and go to a corner that no one could hear their conversation or having a message that he/she cannot behave in one place to another. It seems there is secrecy built up between partners.

In this way it could guide you on how to be observing to your partners in life. Don’t be so judgmental towards your relationships. This infidelity could be resolve with you and your partner alone to make relationship stronger. With conversation alone could make your own decision on what would be better for you both.

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The newly imporved Iphone the Iphone 3G
2:58 AM | Author: admin

With the promotion of the Iphone 3G back in February 2008, the hype and expectation surrounding Apple's newest edition of the Iphone has taken things to another height in the mobile phone industry. One would think that with the Iphone 3G beating the market earlier this year, that the hype would have died down somewhat. Well, it hasn't and many do not anticipate that it will - at least for the remainder of the year.

Well, for one thing, the Iphone 3G is faster, slimmer and has a larger capacity with the introduction of the 16mb version than its predecessor. It has many more applications and any bugs that may have been present in the earlier model have pretty much been ironed out. There is also talk that Apple might allow programmers to view the source code, if you will, of the Iphone 3G to allow for more application development which would open up a whole new world with respect to the mobile phone market.
There is already a massive aftermarket dedicated to the Iphone 3G that will prolong to grow. This includes ring tones, video downloads, media apps and more. The Iphone 3G may eventually lead many to drop their home phone service altogether...well, maybe not now.
In a nutshell, the Iphone 3G has, in fact, changed the way we view and use our mobile phones. Gone are the days when this type of hype would have been localized and the rest of the world would not be privy to it. The Iphone 3G is a global heavy hitter and is here to stay. This is what technology could do and able to make things to make life easy.

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Life makes easy with PDA mobile phone
4:46 AM | Author: admin

With the latest of the technological gadget hits the entire world and that are the PDA mobile phones. PDA is better known as Personal Digital Assistant this is the newest trend to hit your fingertips. People increasingly understand the start of valuing of owing a mobile phone. Nowadays, mobile phone comes with different features and uses that make our lives easier. It can store phone numbers, download photos, videos, and songs, can surf the internet, allow you to chat through instant messenger and many more. This is what the new technological gadget could give and do to your life. PDA mobile phones are quite expensive these days but it becomes easier for you to keep your business and personal life be organize. PDA mobile phones are an effective way to keep your business sorted. PDA is like your carrying around a mini computer in your pocket. If you’re in a business travel and you want to surf the net PDA is the best solution for you. It could provide you with the convenience of owing the best gadget all in one device and with the ability to execute various tasks. You can see what the world of technology could do to make your life easy. It is like the world is in the palm of your hands making your PDA phone work for you.

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Worries on money matters
8:38 PM | Author: admin

The stress of holding out of financial security is the most major problem on those who are in the stage of those married couples. Financial worries tend to top on the list of reasons that couples can’t be of the same opinion on when to conceive or consider adopting. Children really need the constant supply of everything from those diapers and to new sneakers and outfits that children needs. Some couples tend to reduce some of their spending habits in order to afford what a child would need for necessity. It is to realize and make sure that it’s for a logical and realistic reason for you to cut down those spending habits not because of something else but a life to live. There is much blame on fearing to become a parent or their lack of parenthood in readiness towards the finances. With some guidance towards the process of conceiving, you must urge respective parenthood on accurately identify your fears, goals, and concerns. Having a child is the best gift that God had created for you, give what you have and let them feel your love to them and give them the support that they need.

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Life changing to a smoke free zone
7:24 PM | Author: admin

Most individual can’t eliminate this one habit and this through smoking. We all know what is the cause and effect of being a smoker and can have a major effect to your body and your health. Life is too short to live, so we need to take care of our self and able to give the life of what we have and expect more for a good health. If you want to have changes in your life, you can stop smoking. On planning to quit smoking to get started you must “plan ahead”. Choose on the date you want to quit smoking, give yourself enough time to create a plan so you can have the chance to prove yourself that you can. We all know that you alone cannot fight the struggle to overcome the habit you need to conquer. You must be dependent on nicotine as well as your emotions with those stress, anger and boredom. So you must pick your method on how to attack on quitting. It is not hard to smoke a cigarette in a day that is a fact and this is like a part of your system so you need to form a new habit. Try to avoid those situation associated with lighting up so create new routines on how to quit. You need more support that you can get from your family and friends towards a new life you want. You must also think positive towards on stop smoking. Remember that each day you get through without smoking is an accomplishment and stick with it by reminding yourself that your reason for quitting are bigger than your cravings. And always see to it that you are capable and strong enough to make this a last life change for you.

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Back to basic through Mother Nature
3:05 AM | Author: admin
With the new technology are introduce to the younger one’s through those internet access, cable TV, and a breadth of those gaming consoles, it seems that kids nowadays don’t get to play outside and get mud on their shoes like we used to that time. As a parent we need to let your children play and mingle outside. At home you can start making those activities you want if you have a luxury of outdoor space or backyard encourage them to hangout in the lawn occasionally play with them like catch ball, ride a bike with them, or run around the yard with your dog this could help them to play and mingle. There is also a simplest way to enjoy a nice warm afternoon is to sit or lie on the grass and looking upward at the sky with your kids and try to explore different shapes and figures of those clouds let your kids imaginations run wild. If there not used to those things you can also try and let them draw then color, have some paper, pencil and a crayons nearby. Then try to ask them if anything that catches their attention. Maybe one of your kids will say “the cloud looks more brighter and bluer when you see it in the sky”. Always encourage them to discover new things through discoveries into drawings and you may be pleasantly surprised at how it will work towards on speaking of their thoughts through their work of art. In this way you can make your kids happier and livelier than ever and make them see the wonders of the environment surround them.
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Every individual want some equal rights. We all have to express our freedom and democracy. This is what most gays and lesbians are shouting for. Why did it not push through to have same sex marriage in California? There are many individuals and even high profile Hollywood star were disappointed on the decision to it. What they only need is respect on what feelings they have and able to make their love stronger. Give them the right to have a marriage of their own. This is a tragic mourn with those lesbians and gays. See through their heart and feel what is hurting them most. We have many rights and freedom to have. But why they don’t have a little bit of their rights and freedom. This is not too much to ask for they want equality to make their selves happy and marry. Life is to short and most of us don’t want to die unhappy with their lives. Let them have what they want and let them be happy and contented on what they are and have. Let us support and be one with them.

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Don't seek fault but find results
7:32 AM | Author: admin

In a relationship there are always been fight between partners. This is most of those lovers encounter in a relationship. Make everything complicated and difficult to handle. Most women feel that nagging show they care. They know it really irritates each partner, but feel more justified because its base on the truth. The most important thing to keep in mind during a fight… where nagging session finally leads to. It is super easy to fall into a wrestling fight and pile on those blame to each other, so always remember that you need to stay on trail and seek a useful come up with a result. When your partner is being nagged, it will always pop-up feelings of hatred and rebelliousness. To settle it and done put down those fire-arms, to begin with it say “why don’t you…” or “you never….” And you can still hear the door hinge creaking. It is time to change strategy. Since you are both matured adults you must have a dialogue with a good conversation. Take every each moment to make thing settled. With the discussion begin, don’t ever try to get below the belt or I should say those personal insults. Stand up your grounds but don’t degrade your partner. Always remember that relationship is important when you really love each other.

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Now Barack Obama had seated in the oval office as the President of the United States. This is the life of a new beginning as newly elected president. With the new relocation of the first family this is something “big time” for his daughter and his wife Michelle. With its big adjustment toward a new life with her two daughters Sasha and Malia will give up their privacy as the first daughter of the United States. Do they can adjust with the life that they have before and now? With their father sitting as the head of his fellow Americans they really need to do what the children of every president is doing. “Change has come” with the first family. We all know that the first daughters are educated and well teached by their parents and explained to them what to expect living in the White House. There will be lot of intrigues and rumors will be thrown but one thing I know that President Barack Obama and his family will stand up strong and be united as one with their fellow Americans.

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Face to face
12:16 AM | Author: admin

There are most men and women are very aware with their appearance mostly on their looks. There is nothing wrong when you pamper yourself to make a new you. Going to those dermatologists and ask for assistance on how to handle in taking over to have a beautiful face that you want. The most problem of teenagers are those popping up pimples, they are very to conscious on those sometimes they do put on heavy make-up just to hide those unwanted pimples that you don’t want to have. Every night time, wash your face thoroughly, to remove those make-ups that you put of that day; this is a must-do beauty ritual, no matter how tired you are and using those oil based remover as the regular cleanser and to keep your face clear and beautiful use tone and moisturizer twice a day. On having a natural radiance on your skin you must eat more fruits and vegetables to obtain the skin that you want with it’s a natural way. One thing more you must be wary on what facial product to be used, keep always in to mind that not all facial products complement your skin. Don’t be bluffed by those advertised products like the one you can see in those TV commercials that you can see the difference of it. Go to your dermatologist for giving you the recommended treatment for your skin that is perfect for you. Make use to it that you can pamper your face as often as possible. Make those possibilities to overcome that needed to be work out. It may be a little bit costly, but you deserve this and consider this as a reward for every work and able to love yourself with confidence within.

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The long wait had come to an end that Barack Obama is already the first African American to be seated on the oval office as the President of the United States. The unfinished business of the rival between John McCainn and Barack Obama has ended. Coming from Barack Obama “it is now the time to change” the barriers of races had been shattered and the American is one to have a new leader to a more strong and built a new plan for the people. With the percentage of votes of the two rivals Obama having a 52.3 percent of votes and McCainn 46.4 percent of votes. With his win as the first African American President, he marked the history to be written as one of the first African American to be President the history unfolds through every American. This is now the time to heal for what the country is facing now on repairing the economy and with the problems with the homes and financials. And he has promised to cut taxes of most Americans, get U.S out of Iraq, and expand health care, including mandatory for children will make it possible for President Barack Obama. This is now the first chapter of President Obama to be seated on the oval office and let us see now what will be the result of the promises that he could do and will do to his fellow Americans. Be united and let us help President Obama to lift the American dream and to the world.

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Are you having a hard time on coping up in a new working environment? Not a person of a flourishing word? Have a hard time to mingle and meet new friends in a working environment? These are questions arising on the way to shift in a new career and finding it difficult time to handle. With this new career path that you are working with those colleagues that you want to built a better and tighter relationship. Not just a nod-and-smile but with a simple greet and a dashing smile, your co-workers will give an impression of a good person within. You should put exert more effort to do better at what you do like cleaning up desk and be organized. With this I am pointing out those work to be done with in that day and don’t let your paper works pilled up on your desk and don’t even know what to do first. A better way to start an organized manner by putting it into shelves and paper works that to be done on your desk. This is not because you want to impress your boss but hence you want to impress yourself for a job well done. This is one way of challenging yourself on opening up more opportunities and able to work properly in an organized manner. This may also help you to manage your time well. Goodbye for those cramming days for tomorrow’s presentation. And you can say tat-tah to stress. Don’t let anyone could under estimate your capabilities. Be more organized and know your responsibility you can make your work load easy and fast.

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Overcome breakups in a relationship
8:37 AM | Author: admin

In life everybody need someone who can understand and share emotions with. Love is on the air don’t know when and where it will struck. Love gives many meaning and struggles in life. But one thing for sure love could be a satisfying moment that you can have and nourish it with open arms. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt because those could be a pace to be a better person and able to understand the relationship more for a new you. In most women it is very difficult for them to overcome those break ups and pain it gives. In able to overcome those heartbreaks you may open more time with your family and friends there are the one who could give you a helping hand to get over with the pain you feel and try to move on and able to create a new love life. Romance should come between with each other not on beer, wrestling shows, and frequent nights with friends to strengthen up the relationship and need to be solved. In the other hand, most ladies are more jealous than guys. So ladies please do tolerate on getting jealous and if there is nothing to get mad with it. Don’t take into consideration when he glance on a lady doesn’t mean that he may or would flirt with her. Hence, maybe he appreciate her beauty and not to win her heart. To have a strong and perfect love life give each partner your love that comes in to your heart and flourishes it with trust and respect. Let you always be transparent on what the problems will arise
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Heart warming feeling from the family
3:08 AM | Author: admin

Younger ones enjoy what the flow of life gives them. Make every single step to be worth living for in sharing moments of their life that they encounter each every step of the day. For now younger kids never observe the things when they grow old. It is heart loving to see that your family loves you and share with you those happy moments. Time and time pass by, you will mature through your age that all of a sudden that you recall what had happen. This is a circle of life, which goes on and on. When once you reach the old age or I should say age of being a vegetable. Some family never feels the sufferings of what those older individual feel. They put them in a home care or in a home for the aged that they are been taking care of. But do you realize what they really need? Do you know what they feel? When you come to the point that you be one of them, there you can learn how difficult life is without your family. They feel abandoned and disappointed on the things had happen. Let you show back them the love and care that they give you. Settle the things that you want them be a part of. Embrace them with open arms and let them see your effort of what heart warming feelings that you have. Be a family that you can be and bring those memories to eternity or after life.

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Trick or treat…. That was they say when Halloween comes. There are ways on how to commemorate the all souls day. Here in the Philippines traditionally people go to cemetery and visit their love ones and friends who died. This is the beliefs of the Filipinos that were passed through generation to generation. Doing rituals of praying, lighting up candles and letting those died love ones that they where been special for them. Even how far or how difficult to travel they make sure that they can go and be with their departed love ones to visit. Show that they give importance on their passed away ones. This is also one way of making the relatives and family to unite as one with their past way one. But now it is already colonize by the western way of style on celebrating all souls day or should I say know as Halloween. Give more live on how to celebrate the all souls day with those parties that are established in some villages, schools, hang-out places and even at home. With the individual set up with those halloween costumes and gadgets that are used in the celebration of all souls day. It gives more contentment that halloween could give to the young kids with their outfit that they are enjoying to wear and able to be with friends doing trick or treat that gives them the life of a child.
Even what culture or beliefs you have still we do celebrate and share how to give each other the respect the traditional way on celebrating the all souls day. This could never be vanished but it could be passed and treasure by an ordinary individual. Let them know the value of the all souls day not to mourn but to unite us as one.

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Hear Symphony
5:26 PM | Author: admin

There are forms of hymn that can be soothing to the ears and able to relate on the melody on the song. Through the symphony of life there are things to consider for you to HEAR SYMPHONY through the walks of life. Stay closer and be aware of what could happen and will happen through life. Life let be the center of everything in order to dig deep on reality.and realize the differences. Listen, feel and relate with the symphony of life that could give.
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