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Life changing to a smoke free zone
7:24 PM | Author: admin

Most individual can’t eliminate this one habit and this through smoking. We all know what is the cause and effect of being a smoker and can have a major effect to your body and your health. Life is too short to live, so we need to take care of our self and able to give the life of what we have and expect more for a good health. If you want to have changes in your life, you can stop smoking. On planning to quit smoking to get started you must “plan ahead”. Choose on the date you want to quit smoking, give yourself enough time to create a plan so you can have the chance to prove yourself that you can. We all know that you alone cannot fight the struggle to overcome the habit you need to conquer. You must be dependent on nicotine as well as your emotions with those stress, anger and boredom. So you must pick your method on how to attack on quitting. It is not hard to smoke a cigarette in a day that is a fact and this is like a part of your system so you need to form a new habit. Try to avoid those situation associated with lighting up so create new routines on how to quit. You need more support that you can get from your family and friends towards a new life you want. You must also think positive towards on stop smoking. Remember that each day you get through without smoking is an accomplishment and stick with it by reminding yourself that your reason for quitting are bigger than your cravings. And always see to it that you are capable and strong enough to make this a last life change for you.

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