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Eyes on Golden Boy with Angelo Dundee
10:35 PM | Author: admin
The big fight has finally approaching. With the promoter Bob Arum of the Top Rank Boxing and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer undoubtedly did their best to promote and put to history to capitalize the fight on American symbolic venues- the Statue of Liberty in New York, Sears town in Chicago. The Alamo in San Antonio and the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Posing infront of the Statue of Liberty and placing the pedestal with the New York skyline behind them.

Now we can see the new Golden Boy as he inked famed trainer Angelo Dundee as a special consultant for Oscar’s December 6 mega-money showdown against the pound-for-pound champion Many Pacquiao. With Dundee, who most famously was corner man for Ali and Leonard, will support and be on the side of Oscar and head trainer Nacho Beristian in their attempt to counter the attack of Pacquiao's speed. Dundee, fundamentally, will serve as an extra set of eyes, and let Oscar and Nacho know what he's thinking. With Angelo Dundee still sharp on the boxing ring approach someone as important and intelligent in your corner with an 87 year old man. He still feared with those trainers over him on what he could do to the game.

So Manny Pacquiao should watch over the new Oscar “Golden Boy” Dela Hoya, with Dundee on his side even in a small role this is a much more than a gift to be given and the most important fight for him in this era.

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