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Every individual want some equal rights. We all have to express our freedom and democracy. This is what most gays and lesbians are shouting for. Why did it not push through to have same sex marriage in California? There are many individuals and even high profile Hollywood star were disappointed on the decision to it. What they only need is respect on what feelings they have and able to make their love stronger. Give them the right to have a marriage of their own. This is a tragic mourn with those lesbians and gays. See through their heart and feel what is hurting them most. We have many rights and freedom to have. But why they don’t have a little bit of their rights and freedom. This is not too much to ask for they want equality to make their selves happy and marry. Life is to short and most of us don’t want to die unhappy with their lives. Let them have what they want and let them be happy and contented on what they are and have. Let us support and be one with them.

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