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Trick or treat…. That was they say when Halloween comes. There are ways on how to commemorate the all souls day. Here in the Philippines traditionally people go to cemetery and visit their love ones and friends who died. This is the beliefs of the Filipinos that were passed through generation to generation. Doing rituals of praying, lighting up candles and letting those died love ones that they where been special for them. Even how far or how difficult to travel they make sure that they can go and be with their departed love ones to visit. Show that they give importance on their passed away ones. This is also one way of making the relatives and family to unite as one with their past way one. But now it is already colonize by the western way of style on celebrating all souls day or should I say know as Halloween. Give more live on how to celebrate the all souls day with those parties that are established in some villages, schools, hang-out places and even at home. With the individual set up with those halloween costumes and gadgets that are used in the celebration of all souls day. It gives more contentment that halloween could give to the young kids with their outfit that they are enjoying to wear and able to be with friends doing trick or treat that gives them the life of a child.
Even what culture or beliefs you have still we do celebrate and share how to give each other the respect the traditional way on celebrating the all souls day. This could never be vanished but it could be passed and treasure by an ordinary individual. Let them know the value of the all souls day not to mourn but to unite us as one.

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